N12 Acid Soils Meadow Mixture

Seed Mixture (Per kg)

A mix of 20 native wildflower species (N12F) and 8 species of grass (N12G). 2 of the grass species are produced in the UK (indicated by an N following the species name). The N12 mix is suited to acidic soils, down to a pH value of about 5.

Mix is 80% Grasses to 20% Wildflowers by weight.

Sowing Rate: 5g per square metre, 20Kg per acre, 50kg per hectare

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Common Name(s): N12 Acid Soils Meadow Mixture

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N12Flowers species

Latin Name English Name Mix Composition
Achillea millefolium Yarrow 2%
Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed 9%
Digitalis purpurea Wild Foxglove 6%
Galium verum Lady’s Bedstraw 8%
Hypochaeris radicata Common Catsear 2%
Leontodon autumnalis Autumn Hawkbit 3%
Leucanthemum vulgare Oxeye Daisy 6%
Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot Trefoil 5%
Lychnis flos-cuculi Ragged Robin 4%
Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain 3%
Potentilla Argentea Hoary Cinquefoil 0.5%
Primula veris Cowslip 2%
Ranunculus acris Meadow Buttercup 8%
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle 9%
Rumex acetosa Common Sorrel 5%
Rumex acetosella Sheep’s Sorrel 6.5%
Stachys officinalis Betony 7%
Succisa pratensis Devilsbit Scabious 5%
Teucrium scorodonia Wood Sage 5%
Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch 4%
20 Wildflower species 100%


N12Grass species

Latin Name English Name Mix Composition
Agrostis capillaris Common Bent 4%
Anthoxanthum odoratum (N) Sweet Vernal Grass 3%
Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dogstail 11%
Deschampsia flexuosa (N) Wavy Hairgrass 2%
Festuca Trachyphylla Hard Fescue 35%
Festuca rubra ssp. litoralis Slender Creeping Red Fescue 15%
Festuca rubra ssp. rubra Strong Creeping Red Fescue 15%
Poa pratensis Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass 15%
8 Grass species 100%

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