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With over 40 years of being one of the UK's largest seed and plant supplier - we've supplied our wildflowers to a wide range of customers.

As nature enthusiasts, we love spreading the joy of planting and growing wildflowers. Our aim is to provide high-quality seeds and plants to homeowners, hobbyists, gardeners and designers.

Got a big show coming up? Don't worry - you can order in advance to ensure you'll get what you need in plenty of time before the big day!

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Wildflower Bulbs, Seeds and Plants For Landscape Designers

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We've been involved in some amazing key projects across the UK.

At Naturescape, we're incredibly proud to have been involved in some amazing projects. We've worked with a range of commercial businesses and events in order to create something truly spectacular.


Making London stand out with extraordinary flowers and seeds at the Olympic Games in 2012.

Naturescape contributed to the event by sending hundreds of seeds and flowers to decorate the event and for the opening night. We're proud of the beautiful nature we bought to the event. 


Working with Grow Wild and Kew Gardens in their mission to inspire millions of people to grow.

 As part of this campaign, Naturescape distributed packets of wildflowers in England and Wales to bring people together and enjoy beautiful flowers and blossoming plants.

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