Established since 1978

We've grown over the years to become the largest producer of British native wildflower seeds in the United Kingdom

Naturescape have sold wildflowers in various forms for decades and have worked hard to maintain the quality of seeds, bulbs and plants that we produce and to ensure that our prices remain competitive.

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Naturescape was founded in 1978 by Brian and Elizabeth Scarborough

With a love for gardening, nature and flowers - Brian and Elizabeth Scarborough established Naturescape in the rural, beautiful area of Langar in Nottinghamshire.

In 1981, we expanded to 3 acres of land in Langar.

Brian and Elizabeth expanded Naturescape, buying 3 acres of land in 1981.

The processes used in both our seed and plant production ensure that only quality products are offered. We have very specialised seed cleaning equipment to ensure all inert material, weed species and dust is removed and a pure sample is obtained.

After cleaning, the seeds are labelled by year of harvest and placed in to our purpose built cold store at a temperature between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius to maintain high germination rates.



Learn more about Naturescape and our history as the leading british wildflower supplier since 1978


Just like that - 3 acres became 45.

In 1987, we were blossoming just like our wildflowers - adding 45 acres to our name.

Our lovely tearoom and visitor centre opened!

We opened our doors for the first time in 1990, serving tasty treats in our beautiful, natural area.

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Another 45 acres? We were blooming in 1997.

In 1997, we bought the site opposite the main site, another 45 acres of land!

Our seeds, flowers and plants became available online!

We caught onto the internet craze a long time ago, with our online shop opening in 2001!



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We've expanded our delightful tearoom

Not only are we expanding our tearoom, we're also growing our menu - with a wider range of options for you to choose from.

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Discover the creation of our beautiful meadows!

Grass Killed Off

1. We secured the meadow land.


2. We started by digging up the area.


3. Then, the seeding began.


4. Our wildflower meadow blossomed!