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Bee Habitat Creation

In association with  Wildflower wildlife Farming Company, UK CEH, And Edwards Ecological Services Ltd. All the information below can be found HERE, though geared towards farmers…

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Delivery Information

Online Orders – Shipping & Handling United Kingdom* Delivery *excluding Highlands and Islands – an additional charge may apply for…

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Get our FREE wildflower catalogue and growing guide

Request our free wildflower catalogue and growing guide today by emailing us at and we’ll be happy to send…

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Bulb Planting

WINTER ACONITE Plant 5cm (2″) deep as soon as possible. The foliage may be dying back, this is quite normal,…

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Yellow Rattle

Hay rattle is an annual which can be found in meadows and grows in full sun, it flowers from May…

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Plug and Pots

We use a plug size of 40cc for our small Juvenile plants, this is abut 5cm or 2 inches of…

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Meadows should not be sown on areas containing large numbers of strong perennial weeds such as docks, nettles or thistles….

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