NCAB Cornfield Annuals and Biennials Mix

A mix of 12 native wildflower species, with 5 annuals and 7 biennials. Best sown with one of our perennial wildflower meadow mixes, to give colour in both the first and second years, whilst the perennial species are getting established. Many of the species in this mix are excellent bee plants such as Cornflower, Evening Primrose and Viper’s Bugloss.

Mix is 100% Wildflower seeds.

Sowing rate if sown alone: 2g per square metre, 8Kg per acre, 20kg per hectare

Sowing rate if sown with a perennial wildflower mix: 1g per square metre, 4Kg per acre, 10Kg per hectare

Range (kg)Price (£/kg)
0.1 - 0.99 kg£94.00 / kg
1 - 9.99 kg£80.00 / kg
10+ kg£72.00 / kg
Product Price

£72.00 - £94.00 / kg


NCAB species

Plant TypeLatin NameEnglish NameMix Composition
AnnualAgrostemma githagoCorncockle20%
AnnualAnthemis arvensisCorn Chamomile5%
AnnualCentaurea cyanusCornflower12%
AnnualChrysanthemum segetumCorn Marigold12%
BiennialDaucus carotaWild Carrot12%
BiennialDigitalis purpureaWild Foxglove6%
BiennialDipsacus fullonumTeasel2%
BiennialEchium vulgareViper’s Bugloss4%
BiennialOenothera biennisEvening Primrose5%
AnnualPapaver rhoeasCorn Poppy12%
BiennialReseda luteolaWeld6%
BiennialVerbascum nigrumDark Mullein4%
12 Wildflower species100%