Corn Poppy

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Papaver rhoeas  The poppy that used to be seen in fields everywhere, An annual with deep scarlet flowers, probably our most popular wildflower

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Latin Name: Papaver rhoeas

Common Name(s): Corn Poppy

Plant Type: Annual

Friendly For: Bees, Butterflies





Flowering Time:

May - July

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Common names include common poppy, corn poppy, corn rose, field poppy, Flanders poppy, or red poppy. The poppy plant is an annual, and is also notable as an agricultural weed (hence the common names including “corn” and “field”) and after World War I as a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers. This plant forms a long-lived soil seed bank that can germinate when the soil is disturbed. Poppy seed consumption in large quantities is not safe and can have negative health benefits.

Corn Poppy flower May through to July in the UK with bright red petals and delicate hairy stems. Growing to around 1-2 feet tall.

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