Common Vetch

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Vicia sativa. Only pink succulent to be found in woods, numerous small purplish – pink flowers

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Latin Name: Vicia sativa

Common Name(s): Common Vetch

Plant Type: Annual

Friendly For: Bees

Habitat: Shade


Pink, Purple



Flowering Time:

June - August

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Known as the common vetch, garden vetch, vetch vicia, tare or simply vetch, this native plant is a sprawling annual that is also a nitrogen fixing leguminous plant. Excellent Fodder for horses and cattle. Common vetch has long been part of the human diet however, definite evidence for later vetch cultivation is available only for Roman times. An edible plant, vetch vicia sativa’s flowers and leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Flowers are pink and purple with seed pods along the stems of the plant which can also be eaten, and taste much like peas.

A member of the Pea family vicia sativa does well in neutral to alkaline soils. As an annual soil quality is important as it needs to drop seeds each year.

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