Bush Vetch

2L Pot, 9cm Pot, Seed Packet

Vicia sepium P Climbing bluish purple flowers, attractive to bumble bees. Sun. Grow in a hedgerow or through shrubs, flowers May-August

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Latin Name: Vicia sepium

Common Name(s): Bush Vetch

Plant Type: Climber, Perennial

Friendly For: Bees

Habitat: Part Shade, Sun


Blue, Purple

Flowering Time:

May - August

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This plant is a nitrogen-fixing, perennial, leguminous climbing plant that grows in hedgerows, grasslands, the edges of woodland, roadsides and rough ground.

Flowers May-August sometimes later, red or blue-Lilac in colour, liked by bumble and honey bees.

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Flowering Time

May, June, July, August





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