Black Medick

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Medicago lupulina Commonly known as black medick, nonesuch, or hop clover, is a familiar lawn plant, small yellow flowers  Likes dry to moist soils and most types

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Latin Name: Medicago lupulina

Common Name(s): Black Medick

Plant Type: Annual, Perennial

Habitat: All Soils, Sun





Flowering Time:

April - July

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Also spelled “medic” or “meddick”, the plant is known by a number of alternate names, including nonesuch, black nonesuch, black medic clover, hop clover, hop medic, black clover, black hay, blackweed, English trefoil, hop trefoil, and yellow trefoil. It is an annual or short-lived perennial plant, growing each year from adventitious buds on the root.  Black medick is a good source of nectar for bees to use to make honey. It is frequently found in natural pastures, and may be planted in order to create artificial meadows, especially on dry land. The presence of black medick in large concentrations as a lawn weed may indicate that the soil is poor in nitrogen. However, because black medick and other clovers fix nitrogen in the soil, this deficiency can improve over time due to the presence of these plants.

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Flowering Time

April, May, June, July


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