Meadow Vetchling Seed (Lathyrus pratensis)

Lathyrus pratensis P Also known as Meadow Pea. A good meadow subject with yellow pea flowers, looks good scrambling amongst other plants such as Tufted Vetch. Flowers: June on. Requires: A sunny position. Height: 30-90cm.

Range (g)Price (£/g)
10 - 99 g£2.20 / g
100+ g£2.10 / g
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£2.10 - £2.20 / g


Known as meadow vetchling, yellow pea, meadow pea and meadow pea-vine. Its typical habitat is rough grassy places, broad-leaved woodland, forest margins, hedgerows and banks where it uses its tendrils to clamber over other vegetation.