Biting Stonecrop

9cm Pot, Seed Packet, Wildflower Plugs

Sedum acre  Also known as yellow stonecrop and wall pepper, Bright yellow star – like flowers.

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Latin Name: Sedum acre

Common Name(s): Biting Stonecrop

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Dry





Flowering Time:

June - July

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Sedum acre, commonly known as the goldmoss stonecrop, mossy stonecrop, goldmoss sedum, biting stonecrop and wallpepper. Biting stonecrop is a low-growing plant that cannot compete with more vigorous, fast-growing species. It is specially adapted for growing on thin dry soils and can be found on shingle, beaches, drystone walls, dry banks, seashore rocks, roadside verges, wasteland and in sandy meadows near the sea. Biting stonecrop spreads when allowed to do so, but is easily controlled, being shallow-rooted. It is used in hanging baskets and container gardens, as a trailing accent, in borders, or as ground cover. This plant grows as a creeping ground cover, often in dry sandy soil, but also in the cracks of masonry. It grows well in poor soils, sand, rock gardens, and rich garden soil, under a variety of light levels.

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Flowering Time

June, July


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