Birdseye Speedwell

9cm Pot, Seed Packet, Wildflower Plugs

Veronica chamaedrys also known as Germander Speedwell Flowers brilliant azure blue with white eyes in spikes. Beautiful in the sunshine.

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Latin Name: Veronica chamaedrys

Common Name(s): Birdseye Speedwell

Plant Type: Perennial





Flowering Time:

April - July

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Common names include germander speedwell, bird’s-eye speedwell, cat’s eye, It creeps along the ground, spreading by sending down roots at the stem nodes. These perennial plants are propagated both by seed and stem fragments. Leaves may defoliate in the summer and winter but the stems will grow again next season. In 18th century Britain, the plant had the reputation of being a cure for gout as well as being popular for making tea, the latter being so prevalent that the plant was nearly eradicated from London during the 18th century.

Producing blue flowers, clusters of flowers spread across the soil surface with creeping stems and are found commonly in fields and grasslands.

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Flowering Time

April, May, June, July


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