2021 Yellow Rattle plugs (Rhinanthus minor): Available now

Rhinanthus minor. Also known as Hay Rattle. An annual root hemi-parasite that requires grass to grow, the plants here come supplied with fescues within the plug cells as host grasses. Yellow flowers, seeds rattle in inflated seed pods.

Likes Sun. Height  7-30 cm Flowers May – July. Slows the growth of grass down substantially allowing both greater quantity and variety of wildflowers when used within a meadow. Plants are supplied from the middle-late of April onwards, however seed is available all year round.

Plugs are best planted in groups of 3 after mowing grass. please do not remove the grass out of the plugs. Ensure plugs are well firmed in. It is always better to plant directly into the ground and not pot on.

These plants are only supplied in the months April and May.

The lead time for delivery of orders containing only Yellow Rattle plugs is up to 5 working days, adding other products will mean our normal lead times apply.


QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
10 - 49£0.9900 Price Per Plant
50 - 149£0.8100 Price Per Plant
150 - 0£0.6000 Price Per Plant



One of our fields of Yellow Rattle, these plants were in flower particularly early.


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