Apple Mint

9cm Pot, Superplugs

Mentha suaveolens Distinctive apple scent, pale pink or white flowers in whorls.

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Latin Name: Mentha suaveolens

Common Name(s): Apple Mint


Pink, White



Flowering Time:

July - September

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An attractive herb, apple mint is often used as an ornamental plant. It is hardy and easy to grow, preferring full sun to lightly shady conditions. Apple mint leaves can be used to make apple mint jelly, as well as a flavoring in dishes such as apple mint couscous. It is also often used to make a mint tea, as a garnish, or in salads. Preferring rich soils, this mint plant can be a great addition to a herb garden, producing a fruity fragrance with purple flowers, flowering late summer.

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Flowering Time

July, August, September