Corn Marigold plugs (Chrysanthemum segetum) Dispatched April 2022

Chrysanthemum segetum (Annual). Bright yellow daisy like flowers 5cm across. Flowers: June on. Requires: Sun Height: 15 – 45 cm. Available from the start of April onwards. Order year round.


If ordered with other annuals or perennials that are not quite ready but will be shortly your order may be kept back till all can be sent

QuantityBulk Purchase Pricing
10 - 49£0.9900 Price Per Plant
50 - 149£0.9000 Price Per Plant
150 - 0£0.6600 Price Per Plant



Common names include corn marigold and corn daisy.  it was once ranked very highly, in terms of nectar production, thus showing particular value in the role of nectar-provider for insects in a UK survey of meadow species’ production of nectar sugar and pollen. It has a long blooming period.



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