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Yellow Rattle

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Hay rattle is an annual which can be found in meadows and grows in full sun, it flowers from May to July and has yellow flowers followed by seeds which rattle in the wind by having an oversized seed pod.

Being a Hemi Parasite Hay Rattle requires a host from which it takes energy via attachment to a plants root system, Hay rattle requires or prefers slender leafed grasses and while an attempt is made on broader leafed grasses long term results are poor.

If introduced on a large scale Hay Rattle prefers the damper areas, take up can help by scaling down grasses growth in a meadow allowing wild flowers to compete better.

To introduce via seed, mow areas to be sown short about 2 inches, sow only fresh seed and press on to soil via your feet best in September or October.

Plugs are best planted in groups of 3 after mowing grass short; please do not remove the grass out of the plugs. Ensure plugs are well firmed in. It is always better to plant directly into the ground and not pot on.

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