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Meadows should not be sown on areas containing large numbers of strong perennial weeds such as docks, nettles or thistles. Sowing into bare ground is always best and it is essential to eliminate such weed species from the proposed meadow area prior to sowing.  Eradication is best undertaken when the weed species are in rapid, active growth by spraying with which ever herbicide or natural weed killer suits you or by raking, pulling up by hand. April/May is the most effective time to do this. If sowing into grass or a an established meadow make sure the grass/meadow is as low as possible.

When the sown meadow emerges and reaches about 3 inches (7cm) in height, mow back to 1” (2.5cm)  and remove all cuttings. Repeat this each time the grass reaches 3” and cease only when the meadow plants reach 3” in height themselves and are receiving good light.

Do not be concerned about mowing off some foliage and flowers of odd wildflowers; they will suffer no harm and benefit in the longer term.

If this management is not carried out in the first season after sowing, grass and annual weeds may swamp the new meadow and cause failure and disappointment.

Once the perennial wildflowers are established, mow the meadow annually after flowering and remove all cuttings.  Best for small areas; scythe/strimmer and for larger areas use a cutter bar mower.

The best time to sow is Autumn or Spring

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