Wild Honeysuckle

1.5L Pot, 9cm Pot

Lonicera periclymenum Deciduous woody climber. Vibrant cream flowers, deepening to orange-red, with crimson tinge on outside. Very sweetly scented.

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Latin Name: Lonicera periclymenum

Common Name(s): Wild Honeysuckle

Plant Type: Climber, Perennial

Friendly For: Bees, Moths

Habitat: Woodland


White, Yellow



Flowering Time:

June - August

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Honeysuckle also known as Woodbine, and common honeysuckle. it is a vigorous deciduous twining climber, occasionally keeping its old leaves over winter. The sweet, nectar-rich flowers are highly scented by night, much less so by day. The plant is usually pollinated by moths or long-tongued bees and develops bright red berries in autumn which are a great source of energy for birds.

This particular species of honeysuckle holds a special place in garden enthusiasts’ hearts, cherished for its remarkable capacity to gracefully entwine around neighbouring plants and transform unsightly walls or outbuildings into picturesque displays of natural beauty as a deciduous climber. Its abundant profuse flowers bloom, bursting with an intense fragrance, fill the air with their delightful scent during the warm summer months. For optimal growth and bloom, it thrives when planted with its roots shaded and its flowering crown bathed in sunlight or partial shade.

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