Self Heal Seed Packet 3g (Prunella vulgaris)(Approx 3000 Seeds)

Prunella vulgaris P Flowers colour Violet/purple calyx, Likes Sun but will tolerate semi-shade.  Grows up to 20 cm  Flowers June onwards.


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Selfheal also known as allheal or Healall is a short, creeping grassland perennial with a square stem and bright green oval leaves, borne in opposite pairs. The flowers are violet, hooded and two lipped and are arranged into a dense slightly oblong head. Flowering is from June to September.  It loves lawns and will stick close to the ground in order to survive even the closest mowing – it will even flower on 3cm-high flower spikes to ensure survival of its species. It spreads by seeds from its flowers (June to November) which are loved by butterflies and bees