Quaking Grass Seed Packet 2g (Briza Media) (approx 2000 Seeds)

Briza media P. Known in the Midlands as Tommy tottles. A decorative grass with green/purplish spikelets which shake in the breeze. Flowers: June to August. Requires: Sun. Height: 22-45cm.


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This plant is generally referred to as the quaking grasses because the flowers and seedheads shake on their stalks in the slightest breeze.  The loose heads of quaking-grass are a distinctive feature of meadows and grasslands, particularly those on chalky soils. Its heart-shaped flower heads dance on delicate stems from June to September, giving the plant many different common names, including ‘Totter Grass’, ‘Dithery Dock’, ‘Wigwams’ and ‘Toddling Grass’.