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Artimesia vulgaris  Aromatic dark green leaves with silvery, downy undersides. Yellowish, purplish brown flower spikes.

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Latin Name: Artimesia vulgaris

Common Name(s): Mugwort, Riverside wormwood, Felon herb, Chrysanthemum weed, Wild wormwood, Old Uncle Henry, Sailor’s tobacco, Naughty man, Old man, St. John’s plant

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Sun





Flowering Time:

July - September

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This species is also occasionally known as riverside wormwood, felon herb, chrysanthemum weed, wild wormwood, old Uncle Henry, sailor’s tobacco, naughty man, old man or St. John’s plant. Mugworts are perennial plants and have been used as traditional medicine for pain relief, treatment of fever and used as a diuretic agent. Traditionally, it was, and is, used as one of the flavouring and bittering agents of gruit ales, a type of non-hopped, fermented grain beverage.

Common mugwort plants grow to approximately 1.2 metres tall and can be found quite commonly throughout the UK particularly in coastal areas of Scotland. An aromatic herb, leaf extracts in mugwort tea are said to have a calming effect, is rich in antioxidant activity, and has a wide range of health benefits and healing properties.

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Country of Origin


Flowering Time

July, August, September

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