Greater Knapweed seed (Centaurea scabiosa)

Centaurea scabiosa P. A lovely plant with large, raggy, purple flowers, looks good with scabious, ox-eye daisy and musk mallow. Flowers: July on. Requires: Sun and well-drained soil. Height: 30-60cm.

Range (g)Price (£/g)
10 - 99 g£2.10 / g
100+ g£2.00 / g
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£2.00 - £2.10 / g


Greater knapweed is found growing in dry grasslands, hedgerows and cliffs on lime-rich soil. Upright branched stems terminate in single thistle-like flowerheads, each having an outer ring of extended, purple-pink “ragged” bracts which form a crown around the central flowers. The plant has deeply dissected leaves which form a clump at the base. This species is very valuable to bees. It is also a magnet for many species of butterfly. Among them is the marbled white