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Red Deadnettle

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Lamium purpureum  Flowers pinkish-purple, important early bee and butterfly nectar plant.

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Latin Name: Lamium purpureum

Common Name(s): Red Deadnettle

Plant Type: Annual

Friendly For: Bees, Butterflies

Habitat: All Soils





Flowering Time:

March - October

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Known as red dead-nettle, purple dead-nettle, red henbit, purple archangel, or velikdench. Though superficially similar to species of Urtica (true nettles) in appearance, it is not related and does not sting, hence the name “dead-nettle”. Young plants have edible tops and leaves, used in salads or in stir-fry as a spring vegetable. If finely chopped it can also be used in sauces. Undyed, the pollen itself is a red colour and is very noticeable on the heads of bees that frequent its flowers.

Found in areas where soil has been disturbed from grassland to woodland. Dense clusters of pink flowers in whorls around the square stem provide excellent bee food and attracts beneficial insects.

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