Pendulous Sedge

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Carex pendula Drooping pale brown flowers up to 14 cm long.

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Latin Name: Carex pendula

Common Name(s): Pendulous Sedge

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Marshland - Zone B, Moist Soil/Terrestrial Plant - Zone A, Pond Margin - Zone C


Brown, Green



Flowering Time:

May - June

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Pendulous sedge also known as hanging, drooping or weeping sedge. A sedge which can form dense clumps of tough dark green pendulous foliage and tall strap-like leaves. Tall graceful flowering stems with drooping yellow catkin like flowers, Good for tough conditions even wet woodlands but will reseed vigorously.

A marginal pond plant, this perennial plant does well near bodies of water but can also be used as a garden plant, preferring heavy clay soils.

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