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Marsh Pennywort

9cm Pot

Hydrocotyle Vulgaris Leaves are peltate, having a roughly circular shape and frequently a comparatively long petiole, The flower stems are shorter than the petioles and bare tiny, pinkish flowers. In Britain it is the only native Hydrocotyle, growing in wet places such as fens, swamps, bogs and marshes

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Latin Name: Hydrocotyle vulgaris

Common Name(s): Marsh Pennywort

Habitat: Moist Soil/Terrestrial Plant - Zone A, Part Shade, Sun




25cm On average

Flowering Time:

June - August

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Hydrocotyle vulgaris, the marsh pennywort, common pennywort, water naval, money plant, lucky plant or copper coin is a small creeping aquatic perennial plant. A low maintenance plant that enjoys wet soil. Can be grown at the side of a pond as part of a water garden, or planted in shallow waters, up to 2 inches of stagnant water. This aquatic plant can tolerate both sunny and shady conditions in moist humus. Its umbrella-like leaf is similar to the money plant.

The flowering period of these tiny pink flowers are between June and August and produce a smell of carrot. Hydrocotyle Vulgaris can also develop root rot, despite its habitat in water.

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Flowering Time

June, July, August



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