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Pulmonaria officinalis Available as plants only. Pale spotted leaves, flowers open pink and turn blue with age. Woodland species.

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Latin Name: Pulmonaria officinali

Common Name(s): Lungwort

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Part Shade


Blue, Pink, Purple



Flowering Time:

March - May

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Lungwort has has been cultivated for centuries as a medicinal herb, the ovate spotted leaves held to be representative of diseased lungs, following the Doctrine of Signatures. Has also been known as Jerusalem sage lungwort, common lungwort, Mary’s tears or Our Lady’s milk drops. Pulmonaria officinalis can flower a range of colours including blue flowers, pink flowers, and purple flowers. Protruding from a bed of basal leaves, flower stalks can grow up to 30cm with march to may being they’re typical bloom time. Preferring light shade, Lungwort will struggle to grow well in full sun.

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