Lesser Calamint

9cm Pot, Seed Packet, Wildflower Plugs

Calamintha nepeta. Downy, grey, aromatic leaves and small, droop-ing, lilac flowers. Attractive to butterflies and bees.

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Latin Name: Calamintha nepeta

Common Name(s): Lesser Calamint

Plant Type: Perennial

Friendly For: Bees, Butterflies

Habitat: Chalk/Limestone Soil, Sun, Well Drained


Lilac, White



Flowering Time:

July - August

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Lesser calamint is a perennial shrub, forming a compact mound of shiny, green oregano-like leaves. The flowers are lavender pink or sometimes blue flowers. The lesser calamint smells like a cross between mint and oregano. It attracts honeybees and butterflies. Lesser calamint usually grows in the summer, and well into the fall. It can become dormant in the winter months. Lesser calamint or Calamintha nepeta often grows wild, but can also be kept in pots.

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Flowering Time

July, August

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