Common Water Starwort


Callitriche stagnalis. Oxygenator found in still or slow moving water. Sold in bunches – one bunch is suitable for one square metre of surface area.



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Latin Name: Callitriche stagnalis

Common Name(s): Common Water Starwort

Plant Type: Oxygenator, Perennial

Habitat: Floating-Leaved Rooting Plants - Zone D, Pond Margin - Zone C, Wet



Flowering Time:

May - September

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These aquatic plants are sometimes difficult to identify because the leaf shape varies with water depth and flow rate. Seen mostly May-September they occur mainly in shallow (depth to about a metre) static and slow- to moderately-fast-flowing water. Slender stems reach to the surface and form floating mats of leaves, This is a mid-season oxygenator.

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