Common Bent

The common bent, colonial bent, or browntop, is found growing in neutral to acidic soils. It has a very fine texture and like most bent grasses grows very dense. Although this species is used on golf courses, providing some of the best ball playing surfaces in the world, it also produces a spectacular visual appearance when maintained properly. It provides an excellent home lawn but is not tolerant of heavy use, Forms a constituent of purple moor grass and rush pastures, a Biodiversity Action Plan habitat in the UK. This habitat occurs on poorly drained neutral and acidic soils of the lowlands and upland fringe.

Latin Name: Agrostis capillaris

Common Name(s): Common Bent

Plant Type: Perennial



Flowering Time:

May - July



This grass species is not normally available out of a seed mix but can be contract grown in plugs if required.

Additional information

Flowering Time

May, June, July

Plant Type