9cm Pot, Seed Packet, Wildflower Plugs

Tussilago farfara Purplish scaled stems right up to the yellow dandelion type flower. Can be somewhat invasive.

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Latin Name: Tussilago farfara

Common Name(s): Coltsfoot

Plant Type: Perennial

Friendly For: Moths

Habitat: Moist Soil, Sun, Well Drained





Flowering Time:

February - May

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The name “tussilago” is derived from the Latin tussis, meaning cough, and ago, meaning to cast or to act on. An effective demulcent and expectorant (cough dispeller) herb, coltsfoot is one of the most popular European remedies for the treatment of a wide range of chest complaints. It has had uses in traditional medicine, but the discovery of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the plant has resulted in liver damage health concerns, Seed heads were also used to stuff pillows. You can also obtain a Green dye from the plant. A perennial plant, Coltsfoot resembles a Dandelion except for the flower heads contain more petals.

Throughout history, coltsfoot has been valued for its medicinal properties, particularly in treating respiratory conditions such as coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. In addition to its traditional use as a remedy for chest complaints, coltsfoot has also been used topically to soothe skin irritations and wounds.

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Flowering Time

February, March, April, May

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