Self Heal

9cm Pot, Seed Packet, Seeds (per gram), Wildflower Plugs

Prunella vulgaris Flowers colour Violet/purple calyx, Likes Sun but will tolerate semi-shade.

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Latin Name: Prunella vulgaris

Common Name(s): Self Heal

Plant Type: Perennial

Friendly For: Bees, Butterflies

Habitat: Part Shade, Sun





Flowering Time:

June - September

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Selfheal also known as allheal or Healall and is a short, creeping grassland perennial with a square stem and bright green oval leaves, borne in opposite pairs. The flowers enjoy partial shade along woodland edges or within wildflower meadows but would make a great addition a to a shady flower bed. Violet and purple flowers are hooded and two lipped, with the flower heads forming into a thick oblong head. It loves lawns and will stick close to the ground in order to survive even the closest mowing, it will even flower on 3cm-high flower spikes to ensure survival of its species. It spreads by seeds from its flowers (June to November during bloom time) which are loved by butterflies and bees.

The self heal plant is a perennial plant that grows best in moist, well-drained soil. As a member of the mint family, it has that characteristically minty scent. It has a creeping growth habit so could become invasive if not managed.

Available to buy as Prunella vulgaris seeds, plugs, or 9cm pots. Amazing captivating blooms and aromatic leaves.

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