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9cm Pot, Bulbs - Autumn Planting, Seed Packet

Conopodium majus  Delicate leaves with white umbellifer flower.
Please note this species is dormant in the late autumn onwards , therefore no leaves would be showing, also sold as Bare Nuts for Autumn Planting.

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Latin Name: Conopodium majus

Common Name(s): Pignut

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Dry





Flowering Time:

May - July

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Pignut is small delicate plant and perennial herb with an umbel of flowers, whose underground part resembles a chestnut and is sometimes eaten as a wild or cultivated root vegetable.
The plant has many English names including kippernut, cipernut, arnut, jarnut, hawknut, earth chestnut, groundnut, and earthnut. From its popularity with pigs come the names pignut, hognut, and more indirectly Saint Anthony’s nut. Producing white flowers and edible tubers, Pignut conopodium prefers slightly acidic soil flowering May to July.
Flower stalks are unique and architectural, making for a perfect display in garden borders. The taste of this plant bears resemblance to carrots with a spicy aftertaste.

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