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Black Ramshorns Snails (10 Pack)

Planorbarius corneus Black Ramshorns – similar in appearance to Ammonites. Helps to keep the pond clear by feeding on decomposing material and algae. Best to put in a pond which is 1 year old or older

Sold in units of 10- to order for example 30; enter 3 in the quantity box. Please note that snails will not be sent out in Hot weather, we will wait till the weather forecast says it will be cooler.

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Latin Name: Planorbarius corneus Qty 10

Common Name(s): Black Ramshorns Snails

Habitat: Wet

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These ramshorn snails breathe air. Although most of them are extremely small, some may reach a size of two and a half centimetres (one inch). The shells range from translucent through various shades of brown to a dark, nearly black colour. They eat items that fall to the bottom of a pond like  Algae, dead leaves that will sink to the bottom, dead or dying plants generally and dead animals these can be a problem in your pond, as they foul the water, Ramshorn snails will eat all of these things