Wood Spurge

9cm Pot, Seed Packet

Euphorbia amygdaloides Flowers yellowish green in umbel-like clusters. Handsome with bluebells.

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Latin Name: Euphorbia amygdaloides

Common Name(s): Wood Spurge

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Shade



Flowering Time:

March - May

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Euphorbia amygdaloides enjoys partial shade, and is commonly found growing in woodlands in the dry shade of trees. It has a fast rate of growth, reaching maturity at around 30cm tall. It’s a sprawling ground cover plant that can become invasive if not managed as it spreads by underground rhizomes. However, these are quite easy to pull out and remove. Wood spurge flowers in spring with a flowering period from March to May and make an ideal plant for a woodland setting.

The stiff stems and circular foliage make for an interesting plant formation with clusters of flowers. The stem and leaves structure turn an orangey yellow foliage colour, making a fantastic winter colour display.

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Country of Origin


Plant Type


Flowering Time

March, April, May

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