Soft Rush

9cm Pot, Superplugs, Wildflower Plugs

Juncus effusus. The clumps of foliage can be used as accents around water. Best growth usually occurs when the plant gets some shade. Soft Rush grows well in wet, boggy conditions.

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Latin Name: Juncus effusus

Common Name(s): Soft Rush

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Marshland - Zone B, Moist Soil/Terrestrial Plant - Zone A, Part Shade





Flowering Time:

May - August

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Juncus effusus, commonly known as soft rush, is a versatile plant found in wet environments such as marshes, shallow water, stream banks, and ditches. This native marginal plant species, belonging to the Juncaceae family, plays a crucial ecological role by providing feeding and nesting habitats for wildfowl, waders, and small mammals, as well as stabilising soil and preventing soil erosion.

Typically growing to 1 to 1.5 metres tall, it features cylindrical, smooth bright green stems and reduced leaf sheaths. In Europe, soft rush was historically used to make rushlights by soaking the pith in grease, serving as a cost-effective alternative to candles. Today, it is valued in wetland restoration projects and constructed wetlands for its ability to filter pollutants and oxygenate water.

The plant reproduces both by seed and vegetatively through rhizomes, making it efficient in colonising suitable habitats. While generally not endangered, it can become invasive outside its native range. Additionally, its stems have been used in basketry and weaving, and parts of the plant are utilised in traditional medicines for their diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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