Yellow Water Lily (Nuphar Lutea)

Nuphar Lutea, Brandy bottle. A british wild native plant with 1 to 2 inch round yellow blooms. Excellent surface cover. Suitable for ponds and lakes and slow flowing rivers in partial shade. Leaf spread 120-150 cm. Flowering time June-August. Water depth 30-60 cm over the rhizome.

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Nuphar Lutea (Luteum) also known as the brandy bottle is a native water lily this aquatic plant grows in shallow water and wetlands, with its roots in the sediment and its leaves floating on the water surface; it can grow in water up to 5 metres deep. It is usually found in shallower water than the white water lily. The flower is solitary, terminal, held above the water surface.


Gallery picture By © Hans Hillewaert /, CC BY-SA 3.0,