Yellow Rattle Seed Packet 2g (Rhinanthus minor)(Approx 600 Seeds)

Rhinanthus minor Also known as Hay Rattle. An annual root hemi-parasite that requires grass to grow (sow into established grassland, or with grass seed). Yellow flowers, seeds rattle in inflated seed pods. Sun. 7-30 cm May – July. Needs a frost to germinate, and therefore must be sown in the Autumn/early Winter, (Aug – Dec inclusive)

When sowing into existing grassland ensure that the grass is mown down to about one inch and maintained at this level until about the start of April. Either tread or roll the area after sowing to ensure the seed is in contact with the soil.

Recommended sowing rate: 1g per square metre

Plug plants of Yellow Rattle are available in April 2021, and come supplied with Fescue grasses within the plug cells to act as host grasses, these plugs can be forward ordered at any time.


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Often this species needs to be planted just before the frost or needs a long period of cold for Stratification, so its seed dormancy can be overcome.