Wild Tulip bulbs (Tulipa sylvestris)

Tulipa sylvestris  15 – 30cm in height Flowers yellow, nodding and fragrant. Woodland. April – May. Dispatched in the Autumn. Order year round. (Also available in the Spring – see the Spring planting section)

These bulbs were grown from cultivated stock.

All bulbs come with planting instructions.


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Also known as the Woodland Tulip flowers in late March-April  likes fertile well drained soil in sun/part shade.

Plant deep about 10-15cm down and 8cm part. Also when its colder October-November preferably, bulbs can be stored  in a cool place with air circulation if they can not be planted out right away.

Gallery photo Wild Tulip (Tulipa sylvestris) with Heartsease (Viola tricolor).

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