Wild Angelica Seed Packet 1.5g (Angelica sylvestris) (approx 150 Seeds)

Angelica sylvestris A Froth of white flowers often tinged with pink. Height 30-152 cm  Flowers July-August.


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The Latin specific epithet sylvestris means “growing in woodland”.However it tolerates a range of conditions including fields, hedgerows, open woods, marshes and fens. It will grow in light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. It was used as a vegetable until the 20th century. The plant prevents scurvy, and it can be stored. The stem was eaten fresh, and the leaves could be boiled to a stew for storage. It could later be cooked up with milk into a tasty dish. The plant has also been used for dyeing

Often this species needs to be planted just before the frost or needs a long period of cold for Stratification, so its seed dormancy can be overcome.