Spiny Restharrow plugs (Ononis spinosa)

Ononis spinosa P A compact showy plant which justifies inclusion in borders. Erect spiny stems with red-pink, pea-like flowers. Quite rare in the wild. Flowers: July-Sept. Requires: Clay soil. Height: 45 cm.

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In medieval Russia, it was used for manufacturing Bulat steel. Though the original process is now lost, it is known it involved dipping the finished weapon into a vat containing a special liquid of which spiny restharrow extract was a part (the plant’s name in Russian, stalnik, reflects its historical role), then holding the sword aloft while galloping on a horse, allowing it to dry and harden against the wind. A decoction of restharrow was used for eczema and other skin problems, hemorrhoids, chronic constipation, and infections of the anus