Snakeshead Fritillary Seed Packet 0.2g (Fritillaria meleagris)(approx 60 seeds)

Fritillaria meleagris P Solitary nodding chequered blooms varying from dull purple to creamy white. Now very scarce. Damp meadows. 30 cm April – May.


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This plant has many names including snake’s head fritillary, snake’s head (the original English name), chess flower, frog-cup, guinea-hen flower, guinea flower, leper lily (because its shape resembled the bell once carried by lepers), Lazarus bell, chequered lily, chequered daffodil, drooping tulip or, in northern Europe, simply fritillary.

The flower has a chequered pattern in shades of purple, or is sometimes pure white. It flowers from March to May, Its also quite rare in the wild. They like Moist well drained soil.