Sheepsbit Seed Packet 0.03g (Jasione montana) (approx 140 seeds)

Jasione montana B. A biennial with masses of soft blue scabious flowers, self-seeds readily in favourable conditions. Good rockery subject. Flowers: May on. Requires: Sun, well-drained and slightly acid soil. Height: 20cm.


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Common names include sheep’s bit scabious, blue bonnets, blue buttons, blue daisy, iron flower, sheep’s scabious and sheep’s bit.  It is a rock plant growing on heaths and moors at a high elevation in rocky districts, coastal cliffs, quarries and natural escarpments where the soil is thin. It prefers acid soils and is absent from limestone regions. It is often found on coastal cliffs in association with thrift and kidney vetch. The flowers are visible under ultraviolet light and it is believed that this makes them attractive to pollinating insects.