Sainfoin Seed Packet 1.5g (Onobrychis vicifolia)(Approx 50 Seeds)

Onobrychis vicifolia P. A bushy meadow plant with cone-shaped spikes Aromatic perennial with masses dark purple buds turning to paler flowers A good butterfly plant. Flowers: July-Sept. Requires: Sun and well-drained soil. Height: 40 cm.


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Sainfoin provides a superb forage for grazing animals and voluntary intake of sainfoin by cattle and sheep is 20% higher than for grass. Unlike many other legumes, it is non-bloating and is known to have anthelmintic properties, so reducing the problems associated with livestock worms. Sainfoin contains condensed tannins, and it is these that protect animals against bloat. It is much more intolerant to water logging than other forage legumes. Therefore, clayey soils with a bad drainage should be avoided. Also acidic soils are not appropriate for the cultivation of common sainfoin