Ribwort Plantain

9cm Pot, Seed Packet, Seeds (per gram), Wildflower Plugs

Plantago lanceolata  Grass-like perennial with spikes of blackish-brown flowers with yellow anthers. Common meadow component.

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Latin Name: Plantago lanceolata

Common Name(s): Ribwort Plantain

Plant Type: Perennial

Habitat: Sun


Brown, Green



Flowering Time:

April - August

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Ribwort plantain has many names including, narrowleaf plantain, English plantain, lamb’s tongue, and buckhorn. It is common on cultivated or disturbed land. Can live anywhere from very dry meadows to places similar to a rain forest, but it does best in open, disturbed areas. The flower stalk can grow up to a metre high and is commonly considered a perennial weed. Hairy flower heads open up in April through to August, with white stamens.

With a wide range of suitable habitats for this plant, it can adapt to its surroundings, such as in frequently-mowed areas it will grow flat, or if allowed to grow un controlled, can reach heights up to a metre. Seed heads contain plantain seeds and a mature ribwort plantain could have up to 10,000 seeds which are wind pollinated. These seeds are a great food source for birds and insects.

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