Red Deadnettle Seed Packet 0.33g (Lamium purpureum )(Approx 350 Seeds)

Lamium purpureum A. Flowers pinkish-purple, important early bee and butterfly nectar plant. Flowers: March-Oct. Requires: Sun Height: 7 – 22 cm


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Known as red dead-nettle, purple dead-nettle, red henbit, purple archangel, or velikdench. Though superficially similar to species of Urtica (true nettles) in appearance, it is not related and does not sting, hence the name “dead-nettle”. Young plants have edible tops and leaves, used in salads or in stir-fry as a spring vegetable. If finely chopped it can also be used in sauces. Undyed, the pollen itself is a red colour and is very noticeable on the heads of bees that frequent its flowers.