N6 Clay Soils Plant Collection

The species in this collection are found on clay soils, which may retain water occasionally, yet dry out and crack open in the summer.

A minimum of 10 species will be chosen from the species list below, and used in equal quantities.

Each species will be individually labelled within the collection.

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A minimum of 10 species will be chosen from the following list, and used in equal quantities:

Achillea millefolium – Yarrow
Centaurea nigra – Common Knapweed
Galium verum – Lady’s Bedstraw
Geranium pratense – Meadow Cranesbill
Knautia arvensis – Field Scabious
Lathyrus pratensis – Meadow Vetchling
Leontodon hispidus – Rough Hawkbit
Leucanthemum vulgare – Oxeye Daisy
Lotus corniculatus – Birdsfoot Trefoil
Lychnis flos-cuculi – Ragged Robin
Plantago lanceolata – Ribwort Plantain
Primula veris – Cowslip
Prunella vulgaris – Self Heal
Ranunculus acris – Meadow Buttercup
Rhinanthus minor – Yellow Rattle
Rumex acetosa – Common Sorrel
Silaum silaus – Pepper Saxifrage
Stachys officinalis – Betony
Succisa pratensis – Devilsbit Scabious
Tragopogon pratensis – Goatsbeard
Trifolium pratense – Wild Red Clover
Vicia cracca – Tufted Vetch

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