N2 Tall Herb Plant Collection

The wildflower species in this collection grow on a wide range of soils and are chosen for their height, with the intention being that these plants are used in areas which are only viewed from a distance, e.g the end of the garden, where smaller species of wildflowers would go unnoticed. As a consequence of their tall habit the wildflowers in this collection are well suited to fertile sites.

A minimum of 10 species will be chosen from the species list, and used in equal quantities.

Each species will be individually labelled within the collection.

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A minimum of 10 species will be chosen from the following list, and used in equal quantities:

Achillea millefolium – Yarrow
Agrimonia eupatoria – Common Agrimony
Centaurea nigra – Common Knapweed
Centaurea scabiosa – Greater Knapweed
Daucus carota – Wild Carrot
Galium verum – Lady’s Bedstraw
Geranium pratense – Meadow Cranesbill
Hypericum perforatum – Common St. John’s Wort
Knautia arvensis – Field Scabious
Leucanthemum vulgare – Oxeye Daisy
Lychnis flos-cuculi – Ragged Robin
Malva moschata – Musk Mallow
Malva sylvestris – Common Mallow
Plantago lanceolata – Ribwort Plantain
Prunella vulgaris – Self Heal
Ranunculus acris – Meadow Buttercup
Rhinanthus minor – Yellow Rattle
Rumex acetosa – Common Sorrel
Silene alba – White Campion
Silene dioica – Red Campion
Succisa pratensis – Devilsbit Scabious
Verbascum nigrum – Dark Mullein
Vicia Cracca – Tufted Vetch

23 Wildflower species