N11F Dry Soils & Green Roof Mix Flowers Only

A mix of 24 native wildflower species that are typical of well drained sites and are tolerant of drought conditions, meaning N11Flowers is also excellent for the dry environment of a green roof.

Mix is 100% Wildflower seed.

Sowing Rate: 1.5g per square metre, 6Kg per acre, 15kg per hectare

Range (kg)Price (£/kg)
0.05 - 0.099 kg£162.00 / kg
0.1 - 0.99 kg£135.00 / kg
1 - 9.99 kg£121.00 / kg
10+ kg£109.00 / kg
Product Price

£109.00 - £162.00 / kg


N11Flowers species

Latin NameEnglish NameMix Composition
Achillea millefoliumYarrow3%
Agrimonia eupatoriaCommon Agrimony3%
Anthyllis vulnerariaKidney Vetch3%
Centaurea nigraCommon Knapweed6.5%
Centaurea scabiosaGreater Knapweed3.5%
Daucus carotaWild Carrot7%
Echium vulgareViper’s Bugloss5%
Galium verumLady’s Bedstraw7%
Knautia arvensisField Scabious4%
Leontodon hispidusRough Hawkbit3%
Leucanthemum vulgareOxeye Daisy5%
Linaria vulgarisCommon Toadflax1.5%
Lotus corniculatusBirdsfoot Trefoil6%
Malva moschataMusk Mallow3%
Plantago lanceolataRibwort Plantain3%
Plantago mediaHoary Plantain3%
Primula verisCowslip3%
Prunella vulgarisSelf Heal6%
Ranunculus acrisMeadow Buttercup4.5%
Ranunculus bulbosusBulbous Buttercup5%
Reseda luteolaWeld3.5%
Rhinanthus minorYellow Rattle5.5%
Silene vulgarisBladder Campion4%
Verbascum nigrumDark Mullein2%
24 Wildflower species100%