Meadow Clary plugs (Salvia pratensis)

Salvia pratensis P fragrant fine bright violet-blue open mouthed flowers. Likes Sun. Height 30-60 cm Flowers: June onwards.

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Meadow Clary is also known as Meadow Sage, though it can mainly be seen it meadow it will also populate scrub edges and woodland borders. The name of the plant ‘clary’ is derived from ‘clear-eye’ and the plant seeds were formerly used as a paste to remove particles from the eyes and to reduce inflammation or redness. It was also used as a gargle for sore throats, and to clean teeth . It has also been used as a flavouring for beers and wines. A slightly aromatic plant with wrinkled leaves and blue-violet flowers carried on tall stems. Looks good in contrast with yellow trefoils or vetch.