Marsh Woundwort Seed Packet 1g (Stachys palustris) (Approx 900 seeds)

Stachys palustris P. Flowers pale rose – purple in whorled spikes. Flowers: July on. Requires: Shade. Height: 30 – 90 cm Zone AB


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Commonly known as marsh woundwort, marsh hedgenettle,  or hedge-nettle, is an edible plant that is found near shores of lake and in marshes, ditches and stream banks, also damp meadow and waste grounds. Although the marsh woundwort has little fragrance, it is very attractive to bumblebees. It has been used to promote the healing of wounds. Wort is a middle English word for a herb or vegetable. The subterranean tubers that the plant uses to survive winter and spread can be eaten young like asparagus.